What’s The Easiest Epic Mount To Get In Mists Of Pandaria ?



Good mounts can always bring more fun to players, they can save players a lot of time on traveling and make players look more shinning in the game. With Mists of Pandaria will be released soon, and Blizzard also add many new content to Wow 5.0, also a pet battle system brought in, what’s the easiest epic mount to get in Mists of Pandaria? Vipgolds.com will share with players here.

Tournament mounts

The first easiest mount to get in MOP 5.0 should be Tournament mounts, they are easy to get, if players don't need immediate gratification. Far 'easier' than the West Wind, for instance, since players can slice through the dalies, it requires, like a hot knife through butter, and (unlike Tol Barad) most things players don't actually set out to deliberately hit, will just ignore players and let them get on with it. Beside get good mounts by dalies, players can also get nice rewards for Wow Pandaria gold.

Reputation mounts
The second easiest mount to get should be Reputation mounts, they are easy to obtain in Mists of Pandaria, but they can take way longer than others. Old raid mounts like the Ulduar meta-achievement mount isn't very hard and doesn't take too long either, but it still requires players to get a group together. Some professions can get you epic mounts too. They generally take a lot of money, and require the profession, but are not very hard otherwise.

Mounts made by professions

The third epic mount easy to get in MOP should be made by professions. In Wow 5.0, there are five mounts can be produced by engineering, they are fairly easy to make once players reach the appropriate level. Players can both keep the mounts for their own use or just selling them to the MOP auction house for a good market price.

Other epic mount easily to get in Mists of Pandaria

Reins of the Bronze Drake is hands down which are very easy to get in MOP. If players can not do this solo, it should at least be very simple to do with a friend. As for Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control Magnificent Flying Carpet players can buy both flying and ground epic mounts from the "Mount Vendor" who stands next to the riding trainer. A notice here is all the flying mounts are the same for all races in the same faction, but the ground ones are different for each faction.

If players want to know what’s the best mount in Mists of Pandaria, what are the new mounts in 5.0, or what mounts can run fastest in Wow, just keep checking on Vipgolds.com.


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